NLP Unleashed: Techniques and Applications of Generative Models

Calendar 4th November, 2023 clock 9:30 am - 5:30 pm location Courtyard by Marriott Hyderabad
Level - Intermediate/Advanced

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a fascinating field of artificial intelligence that aims to bridge the gap between humans and machines by enabling computers to understand, interpret and generate human-like language. In recent years, the development of generative models has revolutionized the way we approach NLP tasks because of its innovative and generative capabilities. In this engaging MasterClass, we will immerse ourselves in the captivating world of Large Language Models, allowing us to gain practical experience and explore their intricacies in depth.

Module 1: Getting Started with LLMs

  • Recap of Generative AI and its state of the art.
    • NLP (ChatGPT)
    • Computer Vision (Mid-Journey)
    • Audio (Voicebox)
    • Video (Make-a-video)
    • Multimodal (GPT4, MUM)
  • Introduction to Large Language Models (LLMs)
  • Why are LLMs so popular?
  • Understand different types of LLMs
    • Continuing the text
    • Dialogue Optimized

Module 2: Understanding LLM Fundamentals

  • Embeddings (word2Vec, GloVe, etc)
  • Recap of Seq2Seq models, RNNs and LSTMs
  • Understand Transformers
    • Encoder and Decoder blocks
    • Attention mechanism
    • Positional Encodings
    • Tokenization and much more

Note: These are tentative details and are subject to change.

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Arun Prakash Asokan

Associate Director Data Science
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