Hands-on Gen AI MasterClasses

Understanding, Building & Leading the AI Revolution

  • 8-Hours Intensive Hands-On Learning
  • Master GenAI Building, Deployment & Strategy
  • Classroom Training by Leading AI Experts


7th Oct, 2023


4th Nov, 2023


4th Nov, 2023
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Minutes of Learning


A MasterClass is an 8 hour Classroom Training on practical applications of
the latest AI trends and technologies such as Generative AI

Why Attend?

Learn, build, and network: This one-day event is your fast track to GenAI expertise and valuable connections.
Dive Deep into Generative AI

Explore the future of AI, focusing on building, fine-tuning, and deploying LLMs. Master LLMapps and get strategic insights for business leaders.

Truly Hands-on Learning

More than lectures, our 8-hour MasterClasses let you build AI solutions firsthand, guided by our AI Coaches.

Forge Valuable Connections

More than just a class—it's your ticket to a powerful network. Meet like-minded pros, swap career tips, and make contacts that can help you level up.

Straight from the Experts

Our MasterClasses are led by top AI Coaches, offering invaluable insights from the heart of the AI revolution


Don't just watch the AI revolution. Be part of it. Reserve your spot today.


  • Full Day MasterClass Access
  • Cloud Infrastructure Provided
  • MasterSeries Certificate
  • Networking Opportunities with 100+ DataTech Professionals

Bengaluru |7th Oct, 2023

₹ 15,999

₹ 10,400 onwards

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Chennai |4th Nov, 2023

₹ 15,999

₹ 12,000 onwards

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Hyderabad |4th Nov, 2023

₹ 15,999

₹ 9,600 onwards

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See What Previous Practitioners Are Saying: Your quick peek into real
experiences and takeaways from folks who've been part of our MasterClasses

Good Experience, very well planned workshop

I like the depth of the presenter on the topic. He answered the questions with a lot of patience

The mathematics behind the topic was covered in detail which taught me how can I improve my logics for data science.

Both the instructors were good. The material they prepared is also great.



All You Need to Know, In One Spot: Your Questions Answered.

What is the DataHack MasterSeries: Hands-on AI MasterClasses about?

This MasterSeries is about understanding, building, and leading the AI revolution, with a focus on Generative AI. It consists of four 8-hour hands-on MasterClass where attendees will learn about the latest advancements in AI technology.

When and where is the MasterSeries taking place?

The MasterSeries is going to be held in Chennai (4th November) and Hyderabad (4th November).

Who are the AI Coaches for this MasterSeries?

The MasterSeries are taught by industry professionals who are experts in the field of AI.

How long is each MasterClass?

Each MasterClass is of 8-hours duration

How much does the pass cost?

The pass is priced at INR 15,999 + GST. Please check the ticket section for available discounts and offers.

Why should I attend this MasterSeries?

This MasterSeries offers a deep dive into Generative AI, hands-on learning experiences, networking opportunities with industry professionals, and insights straight from top AI experts.

Will I receive a certificate after attending the MasterSeries?

Yes, attendees will receive a MasterSeries certificate after completion.

Is food provided during the MasterClass?

Yes, lunch and tea will be provided to all Practitioners.

Do I need to bring any equipment or software to the MasterSeries?

Please ensure you bring your laptop. Any other infrastructure, such as GPU access, will be provided at the MasterSeries.

How can I network with industry professionals during the MasterSeries?

During each of the MasterClass, beyond our learning sessions, there will be ample opportunities to network with industry professionals, exchange insights, and discuss career paths. We encourage you to make the most of these moments.

Can I get a refund if I can't attend after purchasing a pass?

No, the passes for the MasterSeries are non-cancelable, non-refundable, and non-transferable.

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